Tru Voices Committee

“Speak when others remain silent.”

This committee aims to provide a “voice to the voiceless” by encouraging positive communication amongst our members and within their local communities. Tru Voices fosters change by inspiring others to speak out against injustice, speak up when others remain silent, and speak wisely when communicating their passion.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing an open forum for discussion to members of our community
  • Delivering powerful and unified messages over multiple channels
  • Enabling individuals to speak by providing them the tools to make themselves
  • Empowering community members by teaching them to not be ashamed of their opinions but to embrace them by enlightening others
  • Growing our member network through word of mouth, online networking, and various other media channels
  • Embracing technology and staying current among growing trends to ensure that our members are well equipped to communicate both online and offline

Tru Art Committee

“Inspiring communities through the arts”

Uplifting communities by inspiring creativity and encouraging self-expression through the arts. Tru Art will help community members uncover talents and restore pride in individuals, and the community as a whole. It will bring forth the inherit beauty of each neighborhood it touches. The underlying goal is to break negative cycles and bring hope for a brighter future.

We plan to achieve these aspirations by:

  • Establishing partnerships and collaborating with community initiatives, organizations, and art communities.
  • Providing expressive arts opportunities for youth and families through drama, creative arts, as well as spoken and written word.
  • Providing social awareness and historical education programs for schools and afterschool programs
  • Facilitating as well as collaborating with community partners to hold neighborhood beautification projects such as vacant lot restoration and community clean-up initiatives.
  • Uniting the community through collaborative projects involving the input and cooperation of community members of all ages.

Tru Committment Committee

Provides those communities in need with our skills and availability in order to bring out positivity and change in their neighborhoods. Tru Commitment understands the different struggles communities endure in the Capital Region and are driven into action to change the outcomes to these communities.

These are our values as Tru Heart’s volunteers.

  • Tru Commitment demonstrates passion for volunteering. We will donate our time and skills to help deliver life changing projects that reflect Tru Heart’s mission.
  • Tru Commitment is motivated, enthusiastic, and devoted. It is important to accomplish Tru Heart’s tasks, and remain dedicated and resilient.
  • Tru Commitment values members of the team and believes each member brings in a valuable skill that will help to make a difference.
  • Tru Commitment has a passion for learning and helping those in need. Tru Heart will offer their volunteers with relevant work experience, and skills enhancement/development.
  • Tru Commitment will bring forth creativity and new ideas to improve future events, practices, and methods to bring positive change to communities.-“Think outside the box”
  • Tru Commitment will have a professional approach and take pride in their work.

Tru Outreach Committee

To establish positive rapports with members in low-income communities, and help connect them to helpful resources within the capital region.

Members of this committee collaborate strategically to to:

  • Improve the conditions of dilapidated areas
  • Promote social justice and cultural diversity
  • Bring forth the potential advancement of low-income communities
  • Strengthen communities by assessing the needs and doing anything in our power to meet those obligations


Tru Minds Committee

“Challenging minds to change the community.”

Our aim is to serve and provide the community with informative programs with the goal of restoring value and instilling hope for children and their families. We plan to do this by encouraging children and their families to:

  • Think independently
  • Understand and critically evaluate information
  • Analyze and evaluate arguments
  • Explore one’s own culture and history as well as those of others
  • Think critically about how individuals influence and are influences by political, economic, cultural, and family institutions

Tru Giving Committee

Committee’s Vision: Giving with a Tru Heart endeavors to inspire within the community, faith and belief in the mission of Tru Heart, Inc. With the support of the community through donations of all varieties, Tru Heart, Inc. will become a sustainable resource, propelling those of under served communities into a more secure future.

Committee Goals:

  • To encourage donations from the community at large in order to propel the mission and vision of Tru Heart, Inc.
  • Garner the support of local small businesses for small donations – monetary and otherwise (food, supplies, services).
  • Obtain a long-standing commitment from larger companies (franchises, corporations) for substantial donations (monetary, supplies, services)

Actions Needed to Realize Goals:

  • Build a positive presence within the community as to demonstrate that the mission and vision of Tru Heart, Inc. is a worthy cause
  • Allow the community the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the board members and their stories
  • Direct the community to the Tru Heart, Inc. website for detailed information, upcoming events, and ways to donate
  • Construct a donation letter to be distributed to individuals, businesses, and local organizations.

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